If you are looking for an Iyengar yoga teacher, please email Brian

Location Day Time Cost Level

London Meed Primary School (class organised by adult education)

Tuesday 20.00-21.30   Continuing

All new students will be asked to fill in a student declaration form. If you wish, you can save time by printing it out and filling it in before the class.

This class is suitable for people in normal health and will consist mainly of standing, seated and relaxation postures.

Iyengar Yoga is progressive so that you learn to stretch and to increase your stamina in basic postures before you progress to the complicated poses.

It is precise so that you can learn to stretch more safely and gain mental discipline through increased physical understanding and control.

Yoga should be practised on an empty stomach so do not eat or drink at least two hours before the class. Equipment such as mats, blocks, belts and blankets are available to borrow for the class.

Teacher and Centre links

If the classes I provide are not at a convenient time for you then please use the links below to find another local teacher and class.

The national association IYA (UK) provides a handy teacher search facility.

IYA (UK) teacher search facility

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