Iyengar Yoga Association UK - IYA (UK)

Institute of Iyengar Yoga in Sussex - IIYS

The Iyengar Yoga Association UK

Iyengar Yoga Associations exist throughout the world. The UK organisation was founded in 1977 to promote and regulate the teaching of Iyengar Yoga in Britain.

  • Its aim is to assure the quality of teaching through training and assessment. It encourages teachers to maintain and improve their level of practice and knowledge.
  • It maintains a list of registered teachers and their level of certification.
  • It publishes twice yearly a journal with articles e.g. on advice for practice, technical points and news items.
  • It organises an annual convention with visiting guest teachers of international renown.

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I currently sit on the IYA (UK) Executive Council as IIYS representative and work on the communications committee dealing with the IYA (UK) website.


The Institute of Iyengar Yoga in Sussex (IIYS)

IIYS is affiliated to the IYA (UK) and is a group of Sussex based Iyengar teachers and students. It has been running continuously since its inauguration in 1993 and now has about 100 members.

By becoming a member of the IIYS you also become a member of IYA (UK).

  • Its aim is to promote education in Iyengar Yoga through a thorough and self critical body of teachers.
  • To arrange Yoga Events which add to this education outside of routine classes.
  • To provide equipment for students at low prices by bulk ordering.
  • To maintain a network of contacts both locally and nationally with other yoga practitioners through the circulation of our newsletter .

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